Progressive Voter Recommendations for Monterey County

Councilmember Alan HaffaThe following voter recommendations come from Monterey City Council member and Bernie Sanders delegate Alan Haffa


City Council: Tyller Williamson
Monterey Peninsula Unified School District: Amanda Whitmire
Monterey Peninsula Water Management District: George Riley
Measure S: YES
Measure J: YES

Seaside Mayor: Kayla Jones
Seaside Council: Jason Campell and Jon Wizard
Yes on J!!!
Monterey Peninsula College Trustee Area 1: Natalie Molina
Monterey Peninsula College Trustee Area 2: Yuri Anderson

Monterey Peninsula College Trustee Area 2: Yuri Anderson
Marina Coast Water Management District: Jan Shriner AND Matt Zefferman
YES on Measure N, P, V

Pacific Grove City Council: Jenny McAdams
Yes on Measure M, J, and U

Del Rey Oaks
Mayor: Alison Kerr
Monterey Peninsula Water Mangement District: George Riley
Yes on J



2 thoughts on “Progressive Voter Recommendations for Monterey County”

    1. I’m a big supporter of Prop 10. Indeed,I can’t think of any reason whatsoever for not voting for Prop 10. All it does is allow individual cities to pass rent control ordinances. For progressives, rent control is a good thing. But even conservatives should appreciate giving each locality the ability to pass their own rent control laws.

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