The California Legislature May Get a Progressive Makeover: Here Are the Candidates You Should Vote For

We have some amazing progressives running for California Assembly and Senate throughout California.  Most are facing great obstacles, and for that reason they need your votes, your money and your help.

State Assembly

AD 3Sonia Aery Sonia Aery

Sonia is a corporate free, super progressive running against the Republican incumbent.  The daughter of Indian immigrants, Sonia is running a spirited campaign. Please support her.

AD 10Dan Monte Dan Monte

Dan is a social justice advocate running a corporate-free campaign with a Bernie Sandes-like platform.  His opponent is corporate Democrat Marc Levine.  
AD 15: Jovanka Beckles

Jovanka is a Panamanian immigrant, mental health worker and Chevron-fighting City Council member in Richmond.  There, she has worked tirelessly to bring in community policing and rent control and to fight Chevron for poisoning the air and paying unfair wages.  In response, Beckles has been subjected to intense harassment by homophobic community members and Council members and had Chevron spent millions trying to defeat her at the polls – it failed.  We need people with her integrity, her passion and even-temperedness and her vision in the California Assembly.  Beckles has been endorsed by Our Revolution National and was previously endorsed by Bernie Sanders himself.

She is facing Buffy Wicks, a corporate candidate who promises to do nothing to rock the vote for the powerful oligarchical and corporate interests in the state.  She opposes basic human rights, including housing and health  and stands with the insurance companies to see healthcare as a profit making enterprise and with landlords to evict tenants.  Charter schools are spending obscene amounts of money to get her elected, knowing that she would put their interests before those of California children.  As a member of the 1%, she aims to serve the interests of the 1%.

AD 16: Rebecca Bauer-Kahan*

Bauer-Kahan is challenging incumbent Republican Catherine Baker, whose record of right-wing votes includes voting against overtime pay for farm workers.  Bauer-Kahan is a lawyer who, at least in private, expresses progressive views on both economic issues and civil liberties.  She is intelligent and personable.

District 18: Rob Bonta*

Since a progressive slate for California Democratic Party were elected against his own slate, Rob Bonta has recognized that his district is far more progressive than he is and has moved to the left.  He has introduced progressive legislation such as a measure to reform the bail system and has become a strong supporter of single payer healthcare.  He can be easily intimidated however – he introduced a bill that would allow for appeals for wrongly denied public record requests, but then killed it when some of his donors expressed opposition about it.  He needs more encouragement from the left to do the right thing.

Robert RivasAD 30 Robert Rivas 

A member of the  San Benito County Board of Supervisors, Rivas won the primary with the support of Berniecrats and environmental groups.


AD 33Socorro Cisneros Socorro Cisneros 

Socorro is a community activist and strong Berniecrat progressive facing Republican Jay Obernolte.


AD 63Maria Estrada Maria Estrada

Maria Estrada is a force of nature.  You have to be to decide to run against the second most powerful man in California (after Governor Brown): Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon.

Maria took the challenge, moving back to the district she grew up in and her family still lives in, so she could challenge an Assemblyman who betrayed not only his district, but all of California, by killing the single-payer bill that had passed the Senate.  With little money, and taking no corporate donations, this is a David vs Goliath fight against Rendon, but Maria has the strength of her convictions and her people.  Please help Maria defeat Rend’on.

Michelle Singleton

AD 67 Michelle Singleton

Michelle is a progressive Berniecrat running against Republian Melissa Melendez.


AD 71James Elia James Elia

James Elia is an exciting political talent.  He is as running as a Democratic Socialist in an uber-red district, and is unapologetic about his support of single payer for all, free college education and social programs.  He also has absolutely rejected corporate money, even when laundered through the Democratic Party.

James is impressive, however, because he has the authenticity that voters crave in a leader.  He tells it like it is, not trying to pretend he is more conservative than he is when talking to Republicans.  He is polite, he is intelligent and he makes a lot of sense.

AD 73Scott Rhinehart Scott Rhinehart 

Scott is a Bernie Sanders progressive and openly gay man running a courageous campaign in a very red Orange county district.  He oozes integrity.  Vote for him.

 Alan GeraciAD 75 Alan Geraci 

Alan is a consumer attorney that has represented hundreds of people whose homes were foreclosed by banks.  He is a Bernie Sanders progressive also running in a red district.

AD 76Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth Warren

Among Berniecrats in California, Elizabeth is known as “Our Elizabeth Warren.” She is an uncompromising progressive, a fighter for the environment and against the TPP, who was appointed to the DNC platform committee by Bernie Sanders.  She is running a corporate-free campaign against a corporate Democrat.  She needs your support.

State Senate

SD 4 Phillip Kim 

A union organizer, Phillip is a hardcore Berniecrat running a corporate-free campaign against an established Republican.


SD 24peter choi  Peter Choi 

Peter is a progressive Democrat running against a moderate Democrat and DNC member who attacked Bernie Sanders during the primary.


SD 36Marggie Castellano Marggie Castellano 

Marggie is a documentary producer, an environmental activist and was a Bernie Sanders delegate to the DNC.  She is running in a very red district.

Here are the Races You Can Comfortably Skip

Safe Democratic districts, lousy incumbents.

Assembly District 20

Incumbent Bill Quirk is an inconsistent politician.  He has been good on issue of surveillance, and less good on issues of social justice.  He originally voted against mandating overtime pay for farm workers.  He gets a “B” rating from the Courage campaign, which is almost an F given how progressive his district is.  Moreover, despite his support of marijuana legalization, he has supported right-wing local candidates running against progressives.

Assembly District 25

Kansen Chu has been a completely generic Assembly member for his district.  If he has any accomplishments, he hasn’t bothered to list them in specific terms.  Indeed, as homelessness increases in his district, he seems to be proudest of putting forward a proposition to change daylight savings.   Chu is also  part of the party machine and endorses right-wing candidates, including pro-mass incarceration Alameda County DA Nancy O’Malley.

California State Senator District 10:

Incumbent Bob Wieckowski is what you can call an “establishment progressive”.  He will introduce progressive legislation, but will tug closely to the party’s leadership and ultimately do as he’s told.  For this reason, he ends up not fighting for the good bills he introduces and endorsing non-progressive candidates.  His district deserves better.

* These candidate did not support Bernie Sanders.